December 14-18, 2020
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The Germany Close Up Online Fellowship

Join us on Zoom for a five day, online Germany Close Up program for students and young professionals. The program will include a virtual tour and meetings with German speakers from the fields of politics, culture, society, and the Jewish community.


Established in October 2007, Germany Close Up – American Jews Meet Modern Germany aims to enrich transatlantic dialogue and provide Jewish-North American students and young professionals in their twenties and thirties with an opportunity to experience modern Germany first hand. The program is funded by a German Federal Government scholarship covered by the ERP Special Assets Fund, which is administered by the German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. Simultaneously, the program is fully independent in terms of program organization and content. Usually, Germany Close Up’s programming takes the form of a weeklong group trip to Germany. Due to current travel restrictions, however, programming is temporarily being moved online. The pilot online fellowship will be held this December.

Zoom off to Germany this December for a series of online meetings and a virtual tour during our pilot Germany Close Up online fellowship.

Just as Germany Close Up’s regular programs are designed to expose participants to a range of aspects that make up modern Germany, the online program is structured with the same goal in mind. In so doing, both the past and present will be in focus and will cover issues related to Germany’s reflection on its past and its efforts to deal with the memory of the Holocaust and the Nazi horror up to this day. It will also consider Germany’s transformation over the last decades into a modern, reunified, and democratic country in the heart of the European Union with a growing Jewish community.

The five day program between December 14 and 18 will include up to ten hours of programming, with sessions timed for lunch hour and evenings (EST). Sessions will include a virtual tour of Jewish Berlin-Mitte, as well as various meetings with members of political and civil society, and the Jewish community. The role of Jewish voices in transatlantic relations will be explored as participants actively contribute to German-American dialogue. 


The program will focus on the following topics:

  • Remembrance and Memorialization in Germany
  • Jewish Life in Berlin, past and present
  • Current Social Issues in Germany including right wing extremism and antisemitism
  • Current German Politics and Transatlantic Relations



Participation is free of charge


Five days. December 14-18, 2020

There will be up to ten hours of programming spread over these days

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November 29, 2020

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