Germany Close Up

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace

Germany Close Up is a project of the German non-profit Action Reconciliation Service for Peace, which has been working to foster peace and understanding through long and short term voluntary services since 1958.

©Anna Rusinek

Since 1958, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace has been contributing to peace and understanding through its long and short term voluntary services, advocating for human rights, and raising awareness on the effects of Germany’s national socialist history. Each year, around 180 volunteers complete a long-term peace service in one of thirteen countries. Several hundred other volunteers take part in short summer camps of two to three weeks that have an intergenerational and/or inclusive participant group and work, for example, to maintain Jewish cemeteries, renovate the apartments of former forced laborers, or to preserve memorial sites. A further focus of the organization is the active participation in the societal discourse on how to continue education on Germany’s national socialist history in Germany’s changing society. 

For almost 50 years, Action Reconciliation Service for Peace has also been sending volunteers to the United States. Currently, over 20 young, German volunteers work in projects across the country, supporting elderly Holocaust survivors, working in memorials and museums, and assisting the socially disadvantaged.

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