June 16-25, 2023
Current Programs

Allianz-AJC Third Generation Initiative in Affiliation with Germany Close Up

Join us for the twelfth iteration of this groundbreaking program bringing together American-Jewish and German participants on a ten day program in Berlin.


Now in their twelfth year of groundbreaking cooperation, AJC and Allianz, in cooperation with Germany Close Up, will bring young American Jewish professionals on an annual study trip to Germany along with German peers working at Allianz and young diplomats from the Foreign Office.

Together, this unique group will explore German-Jewish history, including corporate history during World War II, and will meet with top-level government representatives, business leaders, scholars, and leaders of Germany’s Jewish community. We anticipate that this trip will inspire, as it has in past years, an important conversation between the American Jewish and German participants about the political and personal legacy of the Holocaust and Never Again.

Join us for this unique week, which will focus on the German past and present, challenges and opportunities in the German-Jewish relationship today and in the future, and will also include a Shabbat experience. Participants will be encouraged to become active participants in the ongoing German-Jewish relationship.

Before You Go - Become articulate and informed:

  • Participate in two briefing calls
  • Receive an in-depth briefing packet with background articles and materials
  • Join an online group to share information and thoughts with other participants and trip leaders

While in Germany - Serve as an AJC ambassador:

  • Experience modern Germany
  • Meet with leading German politicians, parliamentarians and staff 
  • Join discussions with German, Israeli and U.S. diplomats
  • Interact with Germany's Jewish community
  • Engage with Allianz colleagues; make contacts in the German business sector
  • Explore Berlin, one of the most dynamic cities in Europe 

Returning Home Engage your community:

  • Present your experiences locally
  • Submit pieces to local papers and write online
  • Participate in future AJC international engagement work with German journalists, military officers and diplomats
  • Join a prestigious alumni network




This fee includes international travel, hotel accommodation in double rooms (3 star), most meals on the ground in Germany, transportation within Germany, admission fees, event tickets and the Global Forum registration fee. The scholarship does not include tipping. Please keep in mind that you will need to pay around 50€ (roughly US$55) for tips.


10 days. June 16-25, 2023.


Must be between 21 and 30 year of age and never been on a Germany Close Up trip before.

Application close

Applications close March 9, 2023. 

Further information


Application documents

An application form


One letter of recommendation (AJC external)

A short essay of approximately 500 words explaining your interest in the trip

Information on any previous involvement with ACCESS and/or AJC and your familiarity with Germany


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