Creating a Community Partnership

Each year, Germany Close Up is able to offer a small number of organizations the opportunity to create a program for leaders from their organization.

Each year, Germany Close Up is able to offer ten Jewish partner organizations the opportunity to bring a select cohort of leaders from their organization to Germany. When choosing our partners, we are intentionally selective, in order to ensure that we include organizations that work with a diverse range of religious and political backgrounds. Despite having many long-standing partners, we are open to creating new partnerships with new organizations. Currently, we are planning programs at least one year in advance.

Organizations interested in running a program should have the capacity to recruit a group of 20 to 25 participants. Organizations with more limited capacities are more than welcome to submit a joint application with another organization. While all Germany Close Up programs have the same general framework, partners are able to tailor their program by setting their own individual thematic focus, which can be done in consultation with our staff.

If you and your organization are interested in creating a partnership you must complete our online application form and outline why you believe your community would benefit from partnering with us. In addition we would like to glean a better understanding of your short and long term goals for this partnership. You should also outline your strategies for participant recruitment, as well as pre and post program engagement. If your organization is interested in setting a thematic focus in your program you should also mention this in your application.

If you have any questions about our community partnerships program and/or the application please feel free to contact our office (office[@]

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